Linggo, Hunyo 12, 2011

Smoking will make you ugly

smoking makes you look older than you actually are.  

In a study conducted by experts you can tell whether a person smokes for more than a year or more just by looking on their facial features. This is because smokers tend to developed distinctive facial characteristics scientifically termed as “the smoker’s face. Smoking impairs blood flow to skin, depleting it with nutrients and oxygen. Smoking damages the skin’s strength and elasticity making it sags sooner and wrinkles to appear prematurely. 

Smoking impairs blood flow to your facial skin depleting it with nutrients and oxygen. This causes premature skin wrinkles, poor skin tone, lines around the lips and age spots

Smoking causes permanent teeth staining and gum diseases. It exposes tooth roots making it sensitive to cold and hot. What's much worst is that smoking is the number one cause of bad breath!
             nicotine stains not just your skin but also your nails. what's good news is that it is reversible!

Smoking is dangerous to our health. Listed above are the simplest bad effect of cigarette on our health. It those fail to scare you, then wait for a much deadly effects to hit you but I strongly advised not to dare because you won't like to find yourself confined to a bed with a million dollar of hospital bill!
if this pictures scares you not
i hope this one will!